Design Services

We use a collaborative model where we brainstorm with the potential client to produce an electronic design. The process at Hive takes your product through different stages. The product is designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured in the best possible way so as to offer you best possible return on investment.

We follow a three step approach here

  • Collaborate: Hive Engineers work with your team to gather requirements and your expectations from the product before manufacturing or assembly takes place.
  • Product Concept: We provide the product concept detailing the main objectives of the project and preliminary specifications. This is performed after in depth analysis of the product. We consult experts, interview product users, and explore other existing related products.
  • Market Delivery: As a full service design and manufacturing partner, our breadth of experience enables fast turnaround through the design iteration phase into prototype and leading into mass production. Further, it ensures that our customers stay competitive in the market. Our manufacturing expertise¬†adds to the design of the product and enables us to leverage economies of scale.